Meditate for Larung gar

Imagine that a foreign power had taken over the UK and to assert control, they had picked on places of learning say Oxford or Cambridge university and then issued orders to demolish half the colleges and evict thousands of students.  The evicted students are then taken to ‘education’ camps where they are forced to undertake Maoist style indotrination.  This is Tibet today at Larung Gar Buddhist centre and the Chinese government is acting as the foreign power trying to assert control over a subjugated land.

Every day throughout April at 6.30pm, for 2mins ( whatever your time zone) cast your mind, prayers, and peaceful thoughts to Larung Gar in Tibet to create a spiritual force to inspire the destruction to end.  Please help to spread this message all over the world by Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, youtube etc.

Each time you meditate, send social media post or tweet to: @ukinchina @ChinaEUMission @Chinamission2un @BBCWorld