Travellers tales of Tibet across three decades.


An event at Hartham Park Friday 10th April starting at 7:30

Hennie and Martin Symington (1986),

“I was particularly drawn to go there , the mystical sound of the region , the highest mountains in the world , and culture of the Tibetans …. I had an interest in the spiritual side of Tibetan Buddhism and had read Henrich Harrier book . We were also lucky enough to have a private audience with his HH Dalia Lama in Indian before we went . We spent just about 3 weeks there , and did an amazing trek from a hand drawn map! “

Richard Moulton (1993)

“My interest in Tibet goes back to childhood when I saw a TV program in the 1970s on its history and culture.  At the time I did not understand the politics but I knew that something important had been lost.  I later developed a taste for cycle touring and putting these together I set out from London to Lhasa by bike…” 

and Sharon Penwell (2010) who has led tours of Tibet will be recounting their respective visits to Tibet and showing their pictures taken during those visits.

The evening is complemented with live traditional Tibetan music from Tashi and Sherab and contemporary solo guitar from Ben Powell (guitarist)

This event is now sold out.  This is a ticket only event so only those with a ticket will be admitted.